Youth + Politics training

Youth + Politics training

Umbrella organisation of Swiss youth parliaments

Sponsorship area

Education and training

Sponsorship amount

CHF 90'000

Sponsorship term

2022 - 2025


Umbrella organisation of Swiss youth parliaments

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Youth + Politics training 

The politically neutral training programme was conceived by the DSJ because it was realised that there is no training programme in Switzerland for young people who are involved in voluntary work. 

The Y+P training is aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 30 who are active in a youth organisation with a political connection. Participants are supported in their work and empowered to manage their organisations sustainably. The knowledge is taught in three practice-orientated modules and offers participants the greatest possible benefit for their daily work. The strengths of the training programme are the practice-oriented transfer of knowledge by proven experts, the exchange of experiences between participants and the networking of committed people from an early age. This not only benefits the participants and their organisations, but also strengthens the Swiss militia system in the long term.


easyvote-school is a programme for teachers at secondary level II. With interactive, ready-to-use teaching materials, political education is strengthened, teachers are supported as multipliers and the political participation of young adults is promoted. easyvote-school makes teaching materials available online in an easy-to-understand and neutral way. Teachers can also use the easyvote app "votenow" in the classroom. The app combines voting and elections with information and education.


During the participatory and interactive engage workshops, secondary level I pupils are taught how the municipality works and what local participation opportunities they have based on their specific concerns. In line with the peer-to-peer approach, the workshops are led by trained young adults. At the end of the teaching unit, a local politician comes into the classroom to discuss their ideas with the young people.