Individual coaching for apprentices

Individual coaching for apprentices

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Sponsorship area

Education and training

Sponsorship amount

CHF 100'000

Sponsorship term

2022 - 2025


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Individual coaching 

The "Individual coaching" project is a supplementary offer for apprentices who are completing a 3- or 4-year EFZ apprenticeship and require more individualised and intensive support in certain phases. It offers the opportunity to respond specifically to the needs of learners.

The level of vocational training in EFZ apprenticeships is often very high. Experience shows that learners with gaps in their schooling or learning difficulties require additional 1:1 support in order to be able to follow the regular lessons at vocational school or understand the specialised vocabulary.


Depending on the start of the individual coaching, the goals are to improve grades, understand specialised vocabulary, study learning techniques, systematic preparation of written work and improvement of practical skills. The basic aim is to pass the qualification procedure.