Scholarships for apprentices at LU Couture

Scholarships for apprentices at LU Couture

LU Couture Luzern

Sponsorship area

Training and further education

Sponsorship amount

CHF 10,000 / year

Sponsorship term

seit 2017


LU Couture, Luzern and Willisau


LU Couture in Lucerne and Willisau has set the objective of introducing young people to the career of a clothes designer. This is an apprenticeship that requires a great deal of manual skill, but also imagination and creativity. In addition to thorough vocational training, the apprentices are also familiarised with entrepreneurial thinking. It goes without saying that they will have a look at the world of fashion and focus on the expectations of customers in terms of quality, design, and advice.

Fashion Day

For the annual Fashion Day, all LU Couture apprentices design their own outfits, which are then presented by models on a catwalk in front of a large audience at the Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne. By organising this fantastic event, LU Couture has established its position as a highly respected centre of excellence in the Swiss fashion sector.

Professional future

The apprentices can develop their knowledge and skills further by obtaining the vocational baccalaureate and completing the higher vocational training courses to find their place in the fashion world as a professional specialist.

It is not possible to design fashion without a solid understanding of craftsmanship. LU Couture trains ten apprentices every year, contributing valuably to the future of this appealing profession.


The Hirschmann Foundation supports vocational training. With five scholarships, the foundation hopes to help five apprentices to complete their vocational training as garment designers successfully at LU Couture. The Hirschmann Foundation would also like to reward the achievements and competence of LU Couture in terms of the vocational training of young people.

The profession of clothes designer at LU Couture can be seen here

Mask production in Willisau with the Managing Director Rufina Hümmer and the Workshop Manager Daniela Pisaniello