The Hirschmann Foundation is a charitable foundation in Switzerland, which has its registered office in Zug. It was founded in 1985 by the entrepreneur and aviation pioneer Carl W. Hirschmann. It is a member of Swiss Foundations - the Swiss Association of Sponsoring Foundations.

The Foundation is active at both a national and international level. It provides funding in the areas of:

The Hirschmann Foundation wants to build partnerships that provide support and funding for dedicated individuals who are prepared to take on responsibility for themselves and their communities and who are not afraid of taking innovative approaches.

The Foundation's main focus is on well-managed grass-roots projects that are intended to run for a number of years. Quality assurance and evaluation will be provided by professionals with expertise in the areas for which the funding has been provided. The projects usually last for a number of years so that sustainability can be guaranteed.

If the award is granted, part of the budget will be earmarked for providing support for smaller projects on a one-off basis. Click here for more information about the criteria for sponsorship and the formal requirements if you wish to submit an application for our funding.