Hirschmann Scholarship for Apprentices

Hirschmann Scholarship for Apprentices

Verein Lernwerk (Learning Factory Association)

Sponsorship area

Education and further training

Sponsorship amount

CHF 96,000 per year

Sponsorship term

since 2014


Verein Lernwerk

Setting the course: The right start to anyone's career

The Hirschmann Foundation has set up an apprenticeship scholarship for young people who, even though they are determined to achieve their best, have not been able to find an apprenticeship or have subsequently failed to find an apprenticeship, either because of their social environment, their background, or their grades at school.

The combination of practical apprenticeship and school-based training is what characterises the Swiss VET/PET system. However, the system only works if young people find an apprenticeship and stick with it until they graduate. Young people who have to catch up should also have a first or even second chance to learn a profession. This is where the Hirschmann scholarship gets involved.

The young person is given professional support that allows them and the instructor to overcome their difficulties with the help of an expert guidance and to master the challenges of the apprenticeship on both the apprentice's and the instructor's side.


The partner of the Hirschmann Foundation is the Verein Lernwerk (Learning Factory Association) in Windisch, which is based in the Canton of Aargau. For many years, these organisations have supported young people, their parents, and their employers on their journey through vocational training with trained teams of experienced VET professionals.

They offer advice and practical help in dealing pragmatically with upcoming challenges in everyday working life or at the vocational school and in finding potential solutions. However, it is always the willingness of the apprentices and their parents that is needed to achieve the training objective they have been set, even if this involves some effort.

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