Workshop "FuturePitch" for high school classes

Startfeld Association - Smartfeld Education Lab

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Education and training

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CHF 300'000

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2023 - 2025


Startfeld Association - Smartfeld Education Lab

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Our current challenge: Agenda 2030 - The future is not that far away

The United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda back in 2015. The aim of this groundbreaking declaration for our future was to make the world (more) sustainable by 2030. The 17 universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were declared to achieve this are clear and understandable - but we also need the skills to tackle them together.

The idea

Working closely with partner schools that are interested in innovation, we want to develop learning opportunities that focus on the SDGs and so encourage both students and current teachers to acquire and apply technical and digital skills that can be used in creative ways and help them integrate these skills into their toolkits for the future. With a focus on the fusion of technology and creativity, they can therefore learn about and experience future STEM capabilities at the local level, a "culture of courage" and the motivation that comes from their own achievement:  Moving sustainability from awareness to capabilities for action and beyond!

The workshop

SDG challenges cannot be solved in just a few hours, so the approach is the ultimate goal. In the two-part workshop format, students can pursue their interests using different challenge cards on SDG issues and work in teams to come up with their own specific approaches to solving these problems in the form of prototypes they develop themselves from an analogue starting point.

During a subsequent visit to Smartfeld and using feedback from experts, the prototypes are made functional by integrating micro: bit-based technology and their own programs. How can new technologies be used to tackle the challenges of the future? In the pitch, the teams present the status of their individual solutions as they share their experiences and what they have gained: Motivation, imagination and problem-solving skills are genuine raw materials for a sustainable, creative future.