Transfer of expertise from research and into schools


Sponsorship area

Education and further training

Sponsorship amount

CHF 181,000

Sponsorship term

2018 - 2022


EMPA and PH Luzern

Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies (NEST)

DiThe Swiss Material Testing and Research Institute (EMPA), an institution of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH), has set up a test building (NEST) for innovative building technology that saves resources on its premises in Dübendorf.

The building has three platforms. A number of modules are installed on each of the platforms. These demonstrate sustainable building technologies, such as:

  • resource-saving lightweight construction
  • using recycled materials
  • optimising energy and water consumption
  • digital production of building components
  • new technologies for renovations
  • intelligent building installations
  • technologies to generate energy on and inside the building
  • glass as a building material

applying approaches from research in the community

The building provides an exciting demonstration object. It is exemplary for the transfer of expertise from research into practice.

The Hirschmann-Foundation, in cooperation with EMPA and the Lucerne University of Teacher Education, has launched a project to test suitable ways of transferring expertise from ETH Zurich into the community, especially into schools, based on this project.

How can we get primary school learners interested in new technologies?

What is the best way to process and communicate the results of research and development?

The objective is to get participants' thinking, questioning, debating, and reflecting about their own future. The partner organisations EMPA and PH Lucerne will be encouraged to promote the transfer of expertise into society. This expertise leads to a reduction of prejudices, uncertainties, and anxiety about the future.

Specific benefits for vocational education and training

Primary school learners should be able to look into their future and learn about interesting technical professions with great opportunities.

EMPA and PH Lucerne will develop three workshop modules using modern communication tools:

  • Preparing the visit to the NEST platform
  • Visit to the NEST Platform
  • Follow-up to the visit to the NEST platform

The modules will be practically tested and gradually improved. Once they pass the suitability test, they will become available for practical application.