Scientific journalism

Scientific journalism

WE Publish Foundation

Sponsorship area


Sponsorship amount

CHF 100,000

Sponsorship term

Pilot project 2021 - 2023


We.Publish Foundation


Independent journalistic offerings

The aim of the We.Publish Foundation is to promote independent journalism and media diversity in Switzerland.

  • First of all, the foundation provides a technical infrastructure for authors and publishers so that they can publish their journalistic work in the digital media.
  • Secondly, it offers networking opportunities allowing the participating media and authors to exchange their content with each other.

Science journalism in We.Publish

The Hirschmann Foundation supports science journalism in We.Publish by providing a sponsorship contribution.

The aim is to open up the ecosystem of We.Publish for scientific publications. Well-founded, trustworthy, and fact-based science journalism will be made accessible to a broader public in new, easy-to-understand media forms., an independent think tank of critical scientists and knowledge enthusiasts, is also participating in the project. is the first science hub at We.Publish.

Further science portals are expected to follow the pilot project without any major additional effort.

Participating media

  • Basel's new online voice has collaborated with We.Publish since its launch in January 2020.
  • Tsü The news portal, which has been operating since 2015, joined We.Publish in January 2021. Tsüri proves that We.Publish is an independent alternative in comparison to the already established media companies.
  • The online magazine of culture and satire, which was recently founded in Central Switzerland, decided to work with We.Publish starting when it launched in 2021.