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Get-Together 2018: Impressions from Lucerne

The Kornschütte at the Kornmarkt in Lucerne was the meeting place for the Get-Together 2018 of the Hirschmann scholarship holders that took place on 26th October 2018.

The event was once again hosted by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Ms Alexandra Richter, Head of University Services, and her team organised the event to perfection. For the meeting, they had selected the topic "Money and Spirit 2.0 - Studying differently?"

This time, the topic was money in the everyday life of studying:

  • What do the scholarship holders think about the correlation between education and money?
  • What would they like to happen if money was not an issue or if it was distributed in a different way?
  • How would they then study - greater focus, more commitment, more freedom?

The objective of the Get-Together 2018 in Lucerne was to get to know each other, to exchange experiences and ideas - and to discuss the future of education at universities.

Prof. Dr. Markus Hodel, Rector of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Prof. Dr. Crispino Bergamaschi, President of the Executive Board of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and President of the Chamber of Universities swissuniversities, and Eugen David, President of the Hirschmann Foundation, opened the event by talking about their university terms and their respective attitudes regarding "money and studies". And also, about their future visions concerning education at Swiss universities.

Dr. Andrea Aeberhard, swissuniversities, Managing Director of the Chamber of Universities, also took part in these discussions.

Twelve round tables with eight to ten participants were set up to get the students talking. The participants were from the departments of Life Sciences, Technology and IT, Architecture and Design, Construction and Planning, Music, Social Work, Economics, Psychology and Health, Art, and Theatre at a large number of Swiss universities.

Dr. Margot Vogel Campanello, lecturer and project manager at the Institute of Social Work and Law at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts moderated the evening in a professional way and highlighted the main topics.

The question was whether equal opportunity exists in Switzerland. Can everyone get a Master's degree - regardless of their financial situation? If not: What kind of reforms would this require?

During the panel discussions, the Master's students shared their current experiences of scholarships, working part-time during their studies, and the significant financial obligations they are facing. They presented their concepts and conclusions in the forum and took part in the discussion.

A reception with a musical programme provided an opportunity to relax and to meet each other, to exchange opinions and academic experiences and to network.