Hirschmann Masterclass


Hirschmann Masterclasses - together for the first time in 2023

In 2023 both Hirschmann Masterclasses were integrated together for the first time in one single, international event. The aim of this was to strengthen the cross-border character of the project and to establish the Hirschmann Masterclasses even more firmly in the landscape of promoting European music for young people. The organisers arranged a tour that included various concerts as part of the programmes of well-known festivals.


‘The Jazz Symphony’ is a unique concert project that joins together the worlds of classical music and jazz music. The 16 participants went on tour under the direction of Daniel Schnyder as a string orchestra called the 'Worlds Beyond Orchestra', presenting works by Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Horace Silver and Daniel Schnyder. This format offered the unique opportunity to address a crucial and fundamental theme involving the timeless character of music. 


  • Daniel Schnyder, saxophone, flute, Artistic Director
  • Vesselin Gellev, Concert Master
  • Jovana Raljic, 2nd violin
  • Josef Vlcek, viola
  • Christoph Croisé, violoncello
  • Michael Wimberly, drums
  • Ken Filiano, contrabass


A total of 16 participants from Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, France, and Romania formed the ‘Worlds Beyond Orchestra’. They were supported by 6 lecturers. In addition to musical input, they were also able to gain a great deal of experience in terms of going on a concert tour. 

Concert tour:

04.08.2023        Jazzclub Moods, Zurich
05.08.2023        Outreach Music Festival, Schwaz (AUT)
07.08.2023        Grand Resort, Bad Ragaz
09.08.2023        Festival Puplinge Classic (FR)
10.08.2023        Lucerne Festival

Final Concert

After the intense preparations by the young string players and the established musicians during the week-long concert tour, the climax was the final concert during the Lucerne Festival on the 10th of August 2023, when the strings of the ‘Worlds Beyond Orchestra’ were accompanied by a virtuoso New York City jazz rhythm section that included Ken Filiano (bass) and Michael Wimberly (drums).