Hirschmann Masterclass


Hirschmann Master Class 2022 in Basel

The 8th Hirschmann Master Class for Contemporary Chamber Music with the composer and double bass player Richard Dubugnon was held between the 7th and 14th of August at the various venues of the Music Academy in Basel.


A team of five professors were responsible for the teaching:
• Richard Dubugnon, double bass, and teaching of his own works.
• Urs Walker, violin and artistic direction
• Christophe Quatremere, violone
• Silvie Barberi, piano
• Michael Reid, clarinet


All 16 pieces by the eight composers (Claude Debussy, Jaques Ibert, Maurice Ravel, Johannes Brahms, Oliver Messiaen, Sergej Prokofiev, Kristof Penderecki and Richard Dubugnon) that were rehearsed during the course were then performed in varied programmes either at the patron concert on Friday afternoon or at the final concert on Sunday morning.


A total of 15 musicians came to Basel with three violins, one violin/viola, one viola, three cellos, one double bass, one oboe, two clarinets, one harp and two pianos. The musical diversity made the course attractive for the participants.

Presentation by Richard Dubugnons

The presence of Richard Dubugnons throughout the course was very enriching - both for the participants and the professors. He gave an exciting speech about his music, in which he talked about his sources of inspiration. He also gave insights into his musical work and spoke about the importance of having a good network with a large number of musicians.

Final concert

The final concert was held in the Great Hall of the Music Academy Basel. The programmes mainly featured the works of Richard Dugnon, which alternated well with the works by the other composers.