Hirschmann Masterclass Tour

Hirschmann Masterclass Tour


Sponsorship area

Training and further education

Sponsorship amount

CHF 52'500 per year

Sponsorship term

since 2023 (merger of Hirschmann Masterclass and Hirschmann Masterclass Europe)


Swiss Youth Music Competition Foundation (SJMW)



The Hirschmann Masterclasses in Switzerland and Europe are merged

The annual Hirschmann Masterclass used to be made up of two separate events: Hirschmann Switzerland since 2015 and Hirschmann Europe since 2021. In 2021 and 2022 the Masterclasses were held in Switzerland or in Austria (Linz) and in France (Arc-et-Senans). In 2023 both Masterclasses were integrated for the first time into one single, international event. The aim of this was to strengthen the cross-border character of the project and to establish the Hirschmann Masterclasses even more firmly in the landscape of promoting European music for young people. 

In 2024, the concept introduced in 2023 will be continued with three concerts directed by the composer Nik Bärtsch.


The Hirschmann Masterclass is mainly aimed at outstanding winners of the first prize at the finals of the Swiss Youth Music Competition and other European youth music competitions in the category of chamber music for musicians between the ages of 17 and 25. Invitations to the masterclass are based on recommendations made by the jury at the finals and then issued by the SJMW Foundation office. The young participants should either already be at university or should be planning to start a course of study soon.

Artistic Direction 

The purpose of the Hirschmann Masterclass is to give the young participants the opportunity to engage with their instrument on a daily basis and empower them to reflect on their impressions and experiences as well as their relationship to making music. They may even discover new and creative aspects of their personality and gain maturity as artists. 

The Hirschmann Masterclass is based on four main pillars:

  • - 1:1 individual lessons with individual lecturers 
  • - chamber music with all of the lecturers 
  • - workshops on various topics 
  • - the first performance of a contemporary piece 

Concert Tour

The highlight of each Hirschmann masterclass is the concert tour at various locations in Switzerland and neighbouring countries.  

This is a unique creative process for the young musicians. This project is the realisation of a new idea that gives young virtuosos the opportunity to engage in a crucial and fundamental debate on the timeless character of music, and to see themselves as committed and creative participants in a group that becomes a living organism.