Catalyst Lab 3 - The laboratory of the future for Switzerland

Catalyst Lab 3 - The laboratory of the future for Switzerland

The association collaboratio helvetica

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Education and training

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CHF 100'000

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2021 - 2022


Verein collaboratio helvetica

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Catalyst Lab – The laboratory of the future for social innovation in Switzerland

There is an increasing awareness among the general population for the challenges we now face – not least because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In many areas, it has become even clearer during this global crisis that we need new and innovative approaches to the challenges of modern life. In Switzerland's laboratory of the future, the Catalyst Lab, there is a dedicated team people from every region working together on social innovations. The autumn of 2021 saw the launch of what is now the third edition of the Catalyst Lab. The format was developed and implemented by the charitable organisation collaboratio helvetica.

Achieving the "Sustainable Development Goals" set out in the Agenda 2030 (SDGs) in Switzerland continues to be a major challenge. As a wealthy country, many of the SDGs do not seem to affect Switzerland, or do not seem to affect it in an obvious way. Often, however, it is precisely our high standard of living and the fact that we in Switzerland export most of our environmental impacts abroad that make urgently needed discussions around the SDGs and the systemic change they require, which is also indispensable in Switzerland, even more difficult to achieve.

Joining forces in the laboratory of the future

Today's societal challenges are being addressed by many people who are committed to the 2030 Agenda in Switzerland and are driving change forward. Collaboratio helvetica has set itself the goal of bringing these people together, supporting them and networking them. The Catalyst Lab was developed for them. In this collaborative space for learning and creativity provided by collaboratio helvetica the participants work using approaches such as the Theory U, which is a method of change management advocated by Otto Scharmer. The Catalyst Lab allows experiential training to take place and shares cutting-edge expertise on the prerequisites for transformation.

Anchoring right across Switzerland

The Laboratory of the future for social innovation is led by experienced coaches, facilitators and also experts in change processes. A whole network of people who are committed to the sustainable future of Switzerland will support the participants during the Catalyst Lab and afterwards. 22 people, including two teams, from nine cantons are taking part in the current edition of the Catalyst Labs. The Hirschmann Foundation is providing CHF 100,000 of support to this third edition.