A student debate

A student debate


Sponsorship area

Education and training

Sponsorship amount

CHF 75,000 per academic year

Sponsorship term

since 2020


The foraus association


University students taking part in the Hirschmann scholarship programme debate future topics that concern them while studying. That is the project's philosophy.


The project partner is the think tank foraus. foraus advocates an informed dialogue among university students: independently, scientifically, relevantly.

foraus developed a structured debate platform called Policy Kitchen to discuss future topics: www.policykitchen.com/hirschmann.

The platform provides participants with the opportunity to contribute their personal ideas and to debate and further develop these ideas through networking and during workshops.

What is important is a mutual approach to listen to and to understand the different points of view coming from different life backgrounds. The future topics originate from the group of participants and are discussed in the network and are rated and evaluated according to their level of significance. The platform offers participants access to a public debate to introduce their ideas in terms of social policy.

The debate is expected to provide perspectives and new approaches to solutions that may gain consensus. 

Impressions from the Cohort VIII workshop in March 2024