Get Together 2012

Review and Outlook

Since the year 2008, 179 University of Applied Sciences students have been granted a Hirschmann scholarship. On October 5th, 2012, the Hirschmann Foundation invited all scholarship holders, as well as all University and Foundation representatives to a reunion at the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland, HSR Rapperswil.

Get Together 2012

Have all goals been achieved? Does the program motivate students to set their own goals and to assume the challenges of their studies? Do students and universities consider the scholarship an honor for academic and non-academic achievements? Does the program provide the desired benefit and support for personal and professional development during the students’ Master’s studies?

The reunion in Rapperswil offered the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange information, ask questions and receive answers.


The focus of the event lied on the students themselves: Chantal Greiner Cordula KurthenThe artistic highlights of the evening were the lyrical musical performancesTeatro Dimitri Verscio by Chantal Greiner (piano, Academy of Music, Basel), Cordula Kurthen, (violin, Lucerne School of Music), and Julius Aria Sahbai (violin, Academy of Music, Basel), as well as the emotional movement theater by Brita Kleindienst and Marco Cupellari (Scuola Teatro Dimitri, Verscio). The audience was thrilled by all performers. Especially the students at the academies of music and arts have to be extremely hard-working if they want to reach their goals. Therefore, the Hirschmann Scholarship Program can be important in enabling students to start a Master’s program.

Katharina DeeringIn their very personal speeches, Katharina Deering (Bern College of Arts) Fabian Saccilottoand Fabian Saccilotto (NTB Buchs) were talking about their motivations for applying for a scholarship, the handling of their financial means, and their future hopes.

The scholarships have been a motivation for both of them to also support their fellow students. Especially interesting were the insights into the various fields of studies. Both speakers agreed that the Hirschmann Scholarship Program fulfills its purpose and provides possibilities for development to students.

One of the goals of the Scholarship Program is to raise awareness among students about their individual social responsibility. A university degree is an award, but also a duty to contribute to our country and society.


Numerous personalities of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences were present at the reunion (left to right): FHK RektorenProf. Lothar Ritter, Head of the NTB, Buchs, Prof. Dr. Hermann Mettler, Head of the HSR, Rapperswil, Prof. Marc André Berclaz, Head of the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland and President of the Rector’s Conference of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences (KFH), Dr. Albin Reichlin, Head of the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland, Peter Wieser, Delegate of the KFH for the Hirschmann Scholarship Program.

The Hirschmann Foundation has partnered with the KFH for the Hirschmann Scholarship Marc-André BerclazProgram. Prof. Marc-André Berclaz and Peter Wieser both emphasized that Hirschmann Scholarships are a valuable means to honor students for their extraordinary achievements, to support them during their Master’s Studies and to render them aware of their social responsibilities. The universities do not have enough own resources to grant scholarships and are happy if private institutions are so generous in their support.

Dr. E. David, the President of the Hirschmann Foundation Board, thanked the KFH, itsGet Together 2 President, Prof. M.-A. Berclaz, and its Delegate for the Hirschmann Scholarship Program, P. Wieser, for the excellent cooperation in the interest of supporting committed students at Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences. The Hirschmann Foundation Board considers this cooperation as an example of a paradigmatic partnership between public institutions and a private foundation. Without the know-how and the support of the KFH, a goal-oriented granting of scholarships would not be possible. A special thank you for the conduct of the program goes to the Head Office of the Hirschmann Foundation, which is managed by Frau Martina Schmid.


The drinks and snacks party at the end of the reunion provided an opportunity for the representatives of the Universities of Applied Sciences and Hirschmann Foundation to chat with the students, Get Together 3 to network, exchange Aperoinformation and opinions.Get Together 4 The students got to know each other accross subject and university borders and share experiences.