Integration Projects 2015

Writing Workshop ACPO Genf
Optional 6-month-course for pre-apprenticeship students that helps them come to terms with their own history of migration: What were the reasons? How am I dealing with this rupture in my biography? What is similar – what is completely different? Where do I experience integration – where do I experience exclusion (possibly due to language barriers)?
November 2013 - June 2014
Racism and Civil Courage GIBB Bern
Students were dealing with the subjects of prejudices, racism and civil courage. After they had watched a film that gave some initial impulses, students reflected on their own behavior and discussed their thoughts very openly.
In addition, there were several individual projects that were then presented during a vernissage.
October 2013 - July 2014
Integration and the Media EPAC Bulle
Rerun of a sucessful project, in which commercial apprentices of two classes preparing for their federal vocational baccalaureate dealt with topics related to migration on the basis of media, press, radio, and TV reports.
September 2014 - April 2015
Creating a Formation as 'Ethics Expert in the Field of Sports' SPSE Tenero
The ethics of sports as a 'school of life': Preventing racism by transferring fairplay to daily life. The world of sports is extremely prone to focus on itself and its own success, almost at any sacrifice. This project was an approach to entrench an ethical attitude in sports and transfer it to daily life.
September 2014 - August 2015
Youth Assessments kvBL Muttenz
Youth assessment with four school classes: The program focused on the promotion of social skills and self-competence in view of the successful search for an apprenticeship.
August - October 2015
Experiencing Swissness BBZ Schaffhausen
Students were dealing with the term "Swissness" for six months. They started with an excursion to the Jungfraujoch mountain, which was followed by the visit of a Swiss company, a guided tour through the federal parliament building and ended with a visit of the Council of States.
November 2014 - April 2015
Bridge to the Future Motivation Day Freiwilliges 10. Schuljahr Vaduz
4 Impulse Days, two of which were held outdoors, served as a starting point for the task of the beginning school year: Career choice. The focus lied on team work, problem solving, reflection, etc.
June - September 2015
Palottis Week/Day Bildungszentrum Palottis Schiers
Closing week at the end of the school year with all students: Bridge-year programs and integrated special needs classes. In workshops, students prepared the program of the closing day that included music, theater, and dance..
June 2015
Touching Encounters Berufsschule für Detailhandel Bern
The project involved the entire school, as well as many NP organizations. A class session, an intercultural lunch, and various workshops at choice aimed at giving impulses for 'coexistence' to turn into 'cooperation'.
April - December 2015
Encountering the African Continent SPAI Locarno
The project was based on a former project on the topic of Latin America. This current project additionally addressed the subject of refugees and asylum seekers.
April 2015