Integration Projects 2013

Environmental Work at Frauenwinke Vocational Training Center (BBZ) Pfäffikon SZ
The project aimed at offering a chance also to weaker students to make a mark. Moreover, the tasks were designed in a manner that they could only be completed in a team. The cleaning of the river bankside further raised the students' ecological awareness.
March 2013
Opposites Industrial Vocational School (GIBB) Bern
This art project motivated students to create music, poetics, theater, tone, or light related to the topic "Opposites". The workshops aimed at realizing concrete projects and were held together with professional artists. The results were presented at an event.
April 2012 - March 2013
Social Minorities Vocational Training Center (BBZB) Luzern
During one week, social intercourse with foreigners was the subject of discussion and reflected on the basis of the students' own experiences; various forms of racism were addressed and promising forms of social coexistence were developed.
September 2012 - January 2013
Prevention Campaign against Racism and for Integration through Sports Professional School for Athletic Elite (SPSE) Tenero
Groups of students realized their own film clips which appeared on a stick: working out a choreography, filming and putting into scene. This was the second part of the project. .
September 2012 - January 2013
Presenting oneself on the internet Vocational School (BFS) Basel
The students' awareness was raised during a forum theater, dealing with differences between the behavior of Swiss and foreign people. Pictures in different poses that represent different personalities were taken. They were then presented during an exhibition to address the subject of integration.
February- March 2012
Integration stories Industrial Vocational School (EPAC) Bulle
During one week in Verazze (Italy), senior high school students were dealing with their own encounters with foreigners and families who successfully integrated in Switzerland. The students illustrated their experiences in photographs, films, texts, and poems.
September 2012 - June 2013
Music Spectacle ACPO Genf
Music, instruments, rhythm, and teamwork were at the center of the project. The students rehearsed the compositions even if not everyone had any preknowledge; they then performed together at the Spectacle.
October 2012 - June 2013
Transcultural Theater Project "Foreign" Center for Bridge Years (SBA) Basel
Through the project "Foreign", classes of the vocational preparation year tried to sustainably develop and strenghten self-education and education of the community. The students' life realities and experiences were thus given an artistic form.
October 2012 - June 2013
A Day Accross Classes Pierre-Coullery School (CIFOM)
Under the premise "Diverse - like the World", the participating educators were sitting at different class-mixed tables. They listened to the provoking statements of Azouz Begag. The audience was included into the discussion. In a second part, the group worked together and debated.
January - March 2013
Vocational Preparation Year Introduction Week Vocational Training Center (BBZ) Schaffhausen
The students of the Vocational Preparation Year spent one week outdoors with a teacher who specializes in experiential education. Mutual experiences and the overcoming of obstacles were at the center. During this week, the participants were coming to their physical and emotional limits. Tolerance was crucial.
August - October 2013