Integration projects 2012

Integration of Certificate Classes and Potential Conflict Classes (1st Part) Professional and Training Center (BZ) Wil
At the beginning of their apprenticeship program, two certificate classes go hiking on an alp; the activity creates an initial common basis. To many of the students with a foreign background, this is a new form of getting to know Switzerland. On the alp the students complete a task and spend the night in very simple conditions.
August 2012 - September 2012
Building Trust Vocational College Chur
2 Outdoor Project Days: At the beginning of their apprenticeship program, 60 adolescents make the experience of testing their own limits. They learn to build up trust towards each other and to reach common goals within a team that helps and supports each other.
August 2012
Camp in Fiesch Training Workshop Bern (LWB)
An apprenticeship camp with a focus on Integration: For this purpose, activities within the whole class and accross classes alternate. The aim of team building is at the center of the project and is enhanced during sports activities or other tasks.
August 2012
Organizing and Running a Fashion Show Service for Induction Classes Geneva (SCAI)
During one semester, two bridge classes are designing and sewing clothes in collaboration with the sewing and decoration atelier. Their clothes are presented at a fashion show during the end of the year school party.
December 2011 - May 2012
Environmental Work at Frauenwinkel Vocational Training Center (BBZ) Pfäffikon SZ
The project aims at offering a chance also to weaker students to make a mark. Moreover, the tasks are designed in a manner that they can only be completed in a team. The cleaning of the river bankside further raises the students' ecological awareness.
March 2012
Conceptual Theater Vocational College (BFF) Winterthur
Two pre-apprenticeship classes try to come to terms with their past as immigrants by means of the theater roles that they are playing. At the same time, the teamwork the theater project requires supports the students' team spirit, responsibility and the feeling of having successfully achieved something together.
April - Juni 2012
Strade dell'Est SCAI Locarno; Industrial and Technical Vocational College in Locarno
Many students originally come from Eastern Europe. The project aims at making aware of commonalities, but also at getting to know and making understand differences. The project involves a film about the Roma, a theater, as well as a Romanian lunch and concert (so-called gypsy music).
February - March 2012
Respect Vocational College (BFE) Emmental
130 students participate in a workshop about understanding refuge, asylum, and integration. The students themselves organize the second phase on various topics. Acting as cultural mediators, they experience appreciation.
October 2011 - March 2012
Integrations of Students into Local Famlie Vocational College Martigny
During 4 months, the students of a pre-apprenticeship class with a majority of immigrants or second generation immigrants individually visit some local family and stay with them over night in a two week cycle. By spending some freetime together, integration is being enhanced.
February - June 2012
Participating in a Soccer Tournament Vocational College Martigny
The students' enthousiasm for soccer is taken advantage of in order to motivate them to integrate: Collaboration is a crucial condition to succeed in a team; when encountering other teams, this is the first step to integrate on a larger regional scale and improve the language.
January - June 2012