Integration projects 2011

Rhythmn & Games Vocational College Basel (BFS)
During one semester, a group of retail pre-apprenticeship students was taking music classes. They prepared to perform at the school's graduation party. The students focused on music as an element beyond cultures that can only succeed if everyone cooperates and contributes to the collective.
August 2011 - December 2011
Workshop - Prevention of Violence Training Workshop Bern (LWB)
In the framework of a camp, the school not only offered sports activities and tasks, but also a workshop that aimed at the prevention of violence: mutual interaction, peaceful communication free from social pressure and violence, de-escalation, as well as practical self-defense techniques.
August 2011 - September 2011
Team Building Day Technical and Vocational College Zurich (TBZ)
6 classes were offered the opportunity to go on a one-day excursion and visit caves. The activity required a fair amount of sportiness and the overcoming of certain fears. The students got to their physical limits.
October 2011
"Vom Grääs zum Chääs" Professional and Training Center (BZ) Wil
On one weekend, certificate classes (EBA) from the automobile and dairy industries got to know the harsh daily work on an alp. At the same time, the students learned that they have to rely on each other to come to a satisfying solution when it comes to solving various tasks.
August 2011 - September 2011
Be Constructive instead of Confrontational Professional and Training Center (BZ) Wil
In cooperation with the National Coalition Building Institute, certificate classes (EBA) learned to detect the beginning of conflicts that wind up in confrontation, as well as new patterns of behavior. Hence, students learned to constructively deal with varying opinions and values. Only tolerance can help understand the importance of different opinions and attitudes.
November 2011 - February 2012
How to Eliminate Prejudices and to Build Trust Vocational College Chur (GBC)
In a two-day project, students dealt with the topics of prejudice and trust by undertaking trust building team activities (adventure park, raft-building). The feeling of community should be the basis of the new school year, trust and mutually achieved goals help to make further positive experiences together.
August 2011
Environmental Work at Frauenwinkel Vocational Training Center (BBZ) Pfäffikon SZ
The project aimed at offering a chance also to weaker students to make a mark. Moreover, the tasks were designed in a manner that they could only be completed in a team. The cleaning of the river bankside further raised the students' ecological awareness.
March 2011
Preparaton Week for Certificate Classes Vocational Training Center (BBZ) Schaffhausen
This one-week project supported certificate classes (EBA) that are heterogeneous in terms of age and origin. Self-responsibility and teamwork were trained, and the students thus got prepared for the two-year program.
August 2011 - September 2011
We're Writing a Book Vocational College for Retail in Zürich (BSDHZ)
Class 16 wrote various shorter contributions in the framework of their social studies class. Topics such as marriage in Switzerland and in Turkey, freedom of religioun and human rights were treated. The final product was published by the Hep-Verlag.
December 2011 - June 2011
Organizing and Running a Fashion Show Service for Induction Classes Geneva (SCAI)
During one semester, two bridge classes were designing and sewing clothes in collaboration with the sewing and decoration atelier. Their clothes were presented at a fashion show during a school event.
December 2011 - May 2011
Forum Theater "Courage konkret - richtig oder falsch" Industial and Commercial Vocational College in Liestal (GIB)
By means of a forum theater, topics such as racism, bullying, and humiliation among students were addressed. The themes were treated on the basis of the book "Persönliche Grenzen respektieren" and are recorded In the school codex.
April 2011