Integration projects 2010

Culture Clash at the Auditorium of the SSSCI Vocational Health College in Bellinzona (SSSCI)

In its didactic concept which had been extensively prepared, the Vocational Health College Bellinzona focuses on identity : "ME" (what cultural aspects have contributed to my identity), "YOU" (what makes the other person a stranger) and "US" (the space in which "ME" and "YOU" interact and thus reach a common "US").

September 2008 - September 2011
Doors Opening - Doors Closing Vocational College Basel
In a theatre piece, adolescents of two pre-apprenticeship classes deal with the subject of integration: some of them still feel closely tied with their country of origin, some of them identify as being Swiss with foreign roots, or neither of both. What doors are opening, what doors are closing to them in Switzerland?
August 2009 - January 2010
Using Multicultural Classes as a Resource Industrial and Commercial Vocational College in Bern
Two pre-apprenticeship classes taught in parallel, one consisting almost entirely of immigrants and the other of about 30% second generation immigrants, working on three projects: building trust class needs, dealing with conflict (2nd part of the project).
August 2009 - June 2010
A story is Born Vocational Training College in Neuchâtel
15 bridge students work on an illustrated book, which is presented at an exhibition. In a first step, the students produce texts and images, before a selection of them are exhibited and the book is eventually realized.
January 2009 - June 2010
RESPECT School for Bridging Topics in Basel
Students of two classes write a screenplay on the subject of RESPECT and later turn it into a film.
January - April 2010
Workshop Elimination of Prejudices, Heterogenity Industrial and Commercial Vocational College in Liestal
The National Coalition Building Institute conducts workshops with adolescents to initiate active confrontation with prejudices and their consequences. (Introduction and Advanced Module)
March - August 2010
Theatre Workshops Conflicts/Xenophobia Vocational and Further Training College in Uzwil
In this workshop, the students experience what it means to be a stranger or and outsider. Students role play conflict situations, then come up with and test solutions. The participants experience the law of the stronger and look for alternatives.
September 2009 - February 2010
Optional Music Course General Education and Foundation for Vocational Training School Geneva
Optional course for one semester in a foundation vocational course with the aim of putting on a musical event on the final day of the course.
February 2009 - June 2010
Human Rights - Human Dignity Vocational and Continuation College in Rapperswil
The human right to live, to live in dignity, the right to water, to freedom of opinion, and to education: there is a selection of lectures to choose from in the morning, and an interactive, poly-athletic sports event in the afternoon that aims at raising funds for a fountain in Mozambique.
June 2010
Poly-Cultural Sports Camp in Lamoura (F) Vocational Training College in Neuchâtel
A five-day sports camp aims at promoting respect among students, practicing to comply with rules and handling frustration. The students come from different cultural backgrounds, which will become apparent during the camp. The aim for students is to develop an attitude of tolerance and to learn that "being different" is "being normal".
June 2010
The Greatest US - The Greatest Common Ground Vocational Health College of the Canton of Zurich in Winterthur (ZAG)
On only one day, around 800 students deal with the aspects of various cultural areas, thus experiencing cultural diversity as an enrichment and a chance for everyone. The students learn what it is like to work towards a mutual goal in a team of people with different personalities.
October 2009 - June 2010
Friendship Industrial and Technical Vocational College in Locarno
The workshop aims at showing how friendship can overcome borders. After an input session in the morning, there are different workshops in the afternoon: mandala, singing and playing music together, psychodrama, games and sports, juggling.
April 2010