Integration projects 2009

Get to Know Borders and how to Overcome them Technical and Vocational College in Zurich
A total of 2400 students explore the 171 communities of the Canton of Zurich: The students cycle or hike along the borders of the communities and meet with the according representatives. The topics addressed are “borders and home“ – where’s my home?
September 2009
Filmworkshop Respect School for Bridging Topics in Basel
Within one week, four classes produce a film on the subject of Respect with professional assistance. The films form the basis for other classes getting to grips with the topic.
Resumption of the 2008 project.
Spring 2009
Optional Music Course General Education and Foundation for Vocational Training School in Geneva
Optional semester course within a vocational preparation course of one year. The course aims at putting on a musical event on the final day of the course.
Summer 2009
Using Multicultural classes as a Resource Industrial and Commercial Vocational College in Bern
Two pre-apprenticeship classes taught in parallel, one consisting almost entirely of immigrants and the other of about 30% second generation immigrants, work on three subjects:
Building trust, class needs, and dealing with conflict (2nd part of the project).
Summer 2009
Old Legends Apply to Today’s People Vocational Training College in Neuchâtel
One of the bridge classes works on Swiss legends. Adolescents from all over the world try to understand the legends and illustrate them.
Exhibition and lection, as well as a trip to the Great St Bernhard Pass.
Summer 2009
Theater Project Integration Vocational College, Technical College and Continuation College Basel
Selected students from the vocational preparation course have been working on the theater production Being an Outsider throughout almost an entire academic year. The constructive work together by young people of different nationalities work on prejudices in the play and also in the collaboration resulting in the product.
Resumption of the 2008 project.
Summer 2009
Internal Competition among Bridge Class Students/td> General Education and Foundation for Vocational Training School Geneva
34 bridge classes are assigned the task of working on a group project. Each group of students has to get by on CHF 150. The produced objects will be evaluated and exhibited.
Spring 2009
Tolerance among Religions and Cultures Vocational and Continuation Training College in Uzwil
In GE classes, the students deal with immigration and the resulting worldwide melting of cultures. At the end of the school year, competent respresentatives of the five world religions are invited.
Spring 2009
Workshop Elimination of Prejudices, Heterogenity Industrial and Commercial Vocational College in Liestal
The National Coalition Building Institute Switzerland conducts workshops with adolescents to initiate active confrontation with prejudices and their consequences.
Introduction and Advanced Module
Summer 2009
Safety in Traffic Vocational and Continuation College in Rapperswil
The issue of speedsters is addressed with the help of Roadcross. The people concerned should become aware of their behavior reinforcing current stereotypes about Balkan people, which is counterproductive to the integration process.
Further actors: police department of the Canton of St. Gallen, Touring Club Switzerland (TCS).
Spring 2009
We’re Writing a Book Vocational College of Retail in Bern
Pre-apprenticeship class students write a book together that will be published.
Beyond all cultural differences and prejudices, the students practice treating each other with respect and learn to appreciate what differentiates them and makes every one of them unique.
Spring 2009
Integration – Immigration Vocational College in Lenzburg
New experiences are acquired during a culture week.
The topics that had previously been dealt with during GE classes are now being put into practice: culture is being experienced with all its facets: literature, music, dance, theater, audio-vision, cultural history.
Spring 2009
Poly-Cultural Sports Camp in Lamoura (France) Vocational Training College in Neuchâtel
A five-day sports camp aims at promoting respect among students, practicing to comply with rules and handling frustration. The students come from different cultural backgrounds, which will become apparent during the camp.
The aim for students is to develop an attitude of tolerance and to learn that “being different” is “being normal”.
Summer 2009
Orientation and Adventure Week for Grocery Trainees Vocational Training College in Wädenswil
New program (two-year basic training = degree) with a percentage of 60% immigrants involves an orientation week where, apart from personal and methodical skills, also social skills are promoted.
August 2009
Topic Week: Eliminate Prejudices, Promote Transcultural Care Health and Social Vocational College in Chur
One day, two workshops: eliminate prejudices and promote transcultural care in cooperation with the National Coalition Building Institute Switzerland.
Third workshop “train the trainers“ with 20 trainees in order to become able to teach a workshop.
The first Steps in the Health Course – Social Aspects Professional Health and Social College in Posieux
(School with young Swiss-German and French speaking trainees and people between the age of 30 and 50.) Project day “Mistreatment of the Elderly“.
Raising awareness of cultural backgrounds and consequences for the provision of care.
Spring 2009
Integration Hike on Mount Vuilly Vocational Training College Neuchâtel
160 set out for a hike and make their first (physical) experience of (over)challenge, not to say frustration.
This shared experience, stronger than any social, cultural or ethnic difference, will serve as a starting point for the discussion on mutual values: respect and tolerance.
September 2009
Integration Vocational Training College in Trevano Canobbio
All 1550 students produce sort of a puzzle on the topic of integration.
Its 32 pieces reflect the involvement of students with the topic and permanently stimulate them to deal with the issue.
September 2009