Integration projects 2008

Being an outsider Vocational College, Technical College and Continuation College in Bern
Selected students of the foundation year of the BFF have been working on a theatre production "Being an outsider" throughout almost an entire academic year.
The constructive work together by young people of different nationalities work on prejudices in the play and also in the collaboration resulting in the product.
Being strong - being weak Vocational and Continuation Training College in Uzwil
Five classes (trainees and polytechnicians in the 1st year of training) work for 3-hour sessions with 2 to 3 drama teachers on the topics "Being strong - being weak", xenophobia, conflicts.
The theatre workshops expects the students to be very involved and play a pro-aktive role. The topics of migration and legal bases are dealt with as back-up subjects in general-knowledge lessons. A trip to an asylum centre has been schedulded.
Filmworkshop Respect School for Bridging topics in Basel
Four classes each produce a film within a week with professional assistance on the subject of "Respect".
The films form the basis of other classes getting to grips with the topic.
Integration week Vocational Training College in Wädenswil
Grocery trainees learn in an integration week how to over come barriers created by their origin through practical experience.
Getting there without violence Vocational College of Fashion and Design in Zurich
A schoolgirl is shot with a firearm. Sadness, anger and helplessness are dealt with in a constructive manner.
There is a visit to a workshop of choice (non-violent communication, violence against women etc.) and following on from that application of acquired knowledge.
Tolerance amongst religions and cultures Vocational and Further Training Centre in Uzwil
Brief lectures from the stage, followed by off-the-cuff presentations.
Trainees lean about other cultures and accept other religions to broaden their outlook.
Optional Music course General Education and Foundation for Vocational Training School Geneva
Optional course for one semester in a foundation vocational course with the aim of putting on a musical event on the final day of the course.
Using multicultural classes as a resource Commercial and Industrial Vocational College in Bern
Two foundation classes taught in parallel, one consisting almost entirely of immigrants and the other of about 30% immigrants, work on three subjects.
Building trust, class needs, dealing with conflicts (1st part of the project).
Eliminating prejudice Trans-cultural care Health and Social Vocational College in Chur
Eliminating prejudice and Trans-cultural care.
Topic week with health classes for skilled workers in the 2nd and 3rd year of training
The first steps in the health course - Social aspects Professional Health and Social College in Posieux
School with young Swiss-German and French speaking trainees and persons between the ages of 30 and 50. Project day "Mistreatment of the Elderly".
Raising awareness of cultural backgrounds and consequences for the provision of care.